Wedding Planning & Finding a Venue with ClubLife Weddings

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Wedding planning? As a 2021 bride, planning a wedding during the uncertain COVID-19 times has not been easy. 

My fiance and I got engaged in the end of September 2020 and while it was during COVID-19 it was nothing but magical and memorable. We hope to be able to think the same when it comes to our wedding ceremony and wedding related events we host. With so much uncertainty we both have things that are musts for us when it comes to our wedding. For example, certain safety standards- we both work in healthcare and it is essential for us to make sure our guests are safe as well ourselves! 

Who is ClubLife weddings? ClubLife Weddings offer 200+ different wedding venues nationwide – country clubs, city clubs , and stadium clubs. They have unique wedding venues with golf course views as well as city club views! A huge perk of ClubLife weddings is that you do NOT need to be a member in order to book at one of their venues! Their venues can be used to host a multitude of wedding related events- wedding ceremony, reception, engagement party, bridal shower, or even a groom’s golf outing! 

ClubLife Weddings are keeping all necessary safety precautions including social distancing, outdoor venues, and small capacities. I know personally this is a big concern to me when hosting an event and with the option to host inside or outside in addition to all other safety precautions it truly puts my mind at ease! Three venues we found in our area were in Tampa, Florida – Centre Club , Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club, and Hunter’s Green Country Club. All three options we found are stunning locations with adequate space for our guests with keeping the important safety guidelines in mind. There is a search bar where you can easily search your preferred location and find options in your area! 
Head over to to get an estimate on costs at your local ClubLife Wedding venues! For more wedding inspiration head over to @clublifeweddings on Instagram!

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